Choosing the Best Whole House Water Filter System | 5 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Whole House Water Filtration System

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What to look for in picking the best whole house water filter system…

Selecting the best whole house water filter system may prevent up to 99.9% of dangerous substances including chlorine from entering your home. Whole house water filters offer clean, pure, great tasting drinking water and water that’s far more healthy for showering and bathing in. All whole house water filters are not created equal however. You want not only the filtration system to be high quality and built to last, but the replacement whole house water filters should be too. Spending money on a whole house filter unit that does not function correctly is a waste and you might be endangering your family’s health too.

Best whole house water filter system = high capacity

For the typical size home, you need a high capacity system. Otherwise you may face issues like low water pressure or only partly filtered water. Five gallons per minute is the lowest recommended capacity to measure up to a serving an entire home. Premiere Sales has the best whole house water filter system ranging from 8 gallons per minute capacity to 40 gallons per minute high flow capacity. Smaller houses, apartments, condos and mobile homes might be able to get by with a lowered capability, but unless there is a big cost difference, you’re better off with the highest capability possible relative to the functions you want it to do.

Best whole house water filter system = actually the whole house

Not all “whole house water filters” are entire systems either. Some companies sell components of the units individually. You will get an improved cost and much better performance if the system is actually for the entire home. Premiere Sales’ whole house water filtration systems are actually for your entire home so rest assured.

Best whole house water filter system = thorough filtration

A whole house water filter system should incorporate a pre-filter unit, a primary filter unit, and an installation kit including the mandatory hardware.

Best whole house water filter system = emergency turn off

There must also be an emergency turn off valve on the unit in the event there is leaks.

Best whole house water filter system = quick, easy filter change

It is highly recommended that whole house water filters themselves are quickly and easily replaced with no plumber needed. Again, any whole house water filter system from Premiere Sales features quick, easy filter change.

The recommended best whole house water filter systems include: