What is GenX in Water - GenX found in North Carolina
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What is GenX in Water: Everything You Need To Know

Everything You Need To Know About GenX Contamination In Drinking Water Pollution (including the commercial dumping of chemicals and by products) has created a number of issues world-wide, and global awareness has significantly grown over the past decade. Since early June, there has been much media attention- and rightfully so!- on GenX chemical tainting North Carolina drinking water. […]

nitrates in water, nitrates in drinking water
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Nitrates in Water Supply | Health Risks & How To Protect Yourself

Nitrates in Drinking Water With over 2,100 toxins that could be present in water, it’s vital that proper water filtration is carried out before consuming and using water. Drinking water pollution is a concern of many people. Nitrates in water is just one of many potential contaminants and pose a risk to humans when they are ingested. In the following post, […]

Cartoon of water contamination, contaminants in water
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Drinking Water Contamination: 13 Contaminants in Water

Water contamination can cause serious health issues in the long and short term. There are many contaminants that can find their way into a water supply posing serious consequences for those who drink or use the water. Water contamination problems are not just confined to developing countries- they are present here in the United States […]

tannins in water - yellow water, brown water
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Tannins in Water: What are tannins & how to remove them

Tannins in Water: What are tannins and water treatment for tannins in water Tannins. If you’re wondering what on earth a tannin is, you’re not alone. Tannins are not something new but are a recent addition to water treatment technology. If you have yellow or brown water or annoying staining on laundry and/or toilet fixtures, tannins may […]

best under sink water filter
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Best Under Sink Water Filter

Picking the best under sink water filter I think you’ll agree with me when I say, it’s overwhelming to figure out what truly is the best under sink water filter out there. (I mean, there’s so many brands, functions, performance parameters…how do you pick the best under sink water filter?!) Or is it? Well, it turns out when […]

tap water
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What’s Actually in Your Tap Water

How much do we actually know about the tap water that flows out of our faucets? Some areas fair better than others with regards to pollutants, but lead, microorganisms, and nitrates may still make their way into the water in our homes. Recent debates on the adverse impact of fracking have brought even more attention to what […]

drinking water pollution
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Drinking Water Pollution Concerns at 15-year High

Concerns About Drinking Water Pollution at 15-year High Drinking water pollution is major environmental concern. With the continuing high-profile instance of polluted drinking water in Flint, Michigan concerns about the issue of drinking water pollution have remained on people’s minds. In fact, a recent study by the Gallup Poll Social Series, such concern has not been seen since the late 1990’s and […]

bacteria in water
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Bacteria in Water | Best Water Filters That Remove Bacteria

Bacteria in Water What would you see if you were to look through a clear glass filled with water? Probably nothing (well, hopefully) and that water might look pretty clean in fact. Though you cannot see it with a naked eye, the fact remains that if the said water is unfiltered/untreated, it could be contaminated with bacteria in water. Water in it’s basic, unfiltered form may have many impurities including some that could even […]

Lead in Pittsburgh Water, lead in water, lead in drinking water, dangers of lead
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Lead in Pittsburgh Water is a “Public Health Crisis” | Lead Affecting 1 in 4 Pittsburgh Homes | Dangers of Lead in Drinking Water

Lead in Pittsburgh Water Dangers of Lead in Drinking Water Protecting Against Lead in Water Water Filtration Systems and Water Filters to Lead in Drinking Water Lead in Pittsburgh Water: 1 in 4 Homes Affected The safety of drinking tap water is an issue that all of us can’t ignore. With the growing worries regarding contaminants like chlorine […]

Premiere 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System with TDS Meter
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Simple Overview of Reverse Osmosis Water Purification & RO Water

About Reverse Osmosis Benefits of RO Recommended Reverse Osmosis Systems Disadvantages of RO Alternative to Reverse Osmosis (System) About Reverse Osmosis Reverse Osmosis, or RO for short, is method of water purification. RO water is water filtered via a reverse osmosis filter. This method of water purification is arguably one of the very best levels of […]

world water day 2017 wastewater
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World Water Day 2017 : What It’s All About, Wastewater (2017 Theme), and Facts

What Is World Water Day? Why Wastewater? (World Water Day 2017 theme) Facts about World Water Day and wastewater World Water Day – March 22nd World Water Day (WWD) – March 22nd each year- is about taking actions to combat the water crisis. This year’s theme is wastewater. An astounding 1.8 billion people use a supply of drinking […]

Giardia lamblia, giardia water filter
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Giardia Lamblia Water Treatment | Giardia Water Filter | Removing Giardia Cysts from Drinking Water

Giardia Lamblia Water Treatment Drinking well water doesn’t have to be hazardous to your health. Like the water which comes from public treatment plants, private well water may contain specific water borne organisms, like Giardia Lamblia / Giardia Cysts, that have to be removed before you ingest the water as to avoid sicknesses. A giardia […]

Shamrocks St. Patricks Day - Algae in water, municipal water, water filters for algae
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Algae in Water (A Bit of Green for St. Patrick’s Day!) | Water Filters to Remove Algae from Municipal Water

Algae in Water + Water Filters to Remove Algae from Municipal Water / Your Drinking Water In honor of St. Patrick’s day, we’d like to talk about something that is sometimes green: algae. Algae in water range of sizes from tiny single cells into branched types of visible length. Algae can be found in municipal […]

Chlorine in water, water purification, ro, reverse osmosis, chlorine in tap water, chlorine in drinking water
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Chlorine in Water | Drinking Water Safety | Water Filtration Products to Remove Chlorine in Tap Water / Chlorine in Drinking Water

Chlorine in Water It’s been nearly 110 years since the initial usage of chlorine in water. Starting in Jersey City and Chicago in 1908, and after that quickly expanding to cities across the US, this approach to water treatment helped to basically wipe out ailments within water like typhoid and cholera. While this system of […]

Best whole house water filter system, best whole house filter system
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Choosing the Best Whole House Water Filter System | 5 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Whole House Water Filtration System

What to look for in picking the best whole house water filter system… Selecting the best whole house water filter system may prevent up to 99.9% of dangerous substances including chlorine from entering your home. The best whole house filter system will provide clean, pure, great tasting drinking water and water that’s far more healthy for […]

Image of Choosing the best water purification system - water purifier ro reverse osmosis water filtration system ro water purifier water purification systems
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Water Purification Systems: Simple Checklist For Choosing The Best One

Simple Checklist For Choosing a Water Purification System With water pollution causing potential threats to one’s health, drinking water purification systems are a necessity. Thankfully, there is an increased awareness about the need for drinking clean and pure water and the availability of water purifiers has increased. To meet the growing necessity, Premiere Sales offers numerous […]