Water Purification Systems: Simple Checklist For Choosing The Best One

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Simple Checklist For Choosing a Water Purification System

With water pollution causing potential threats to one’s health, drinking water purification systems are a necessity. Thankfully, there is an increased awareness about the need for drinking clean and pure water and the availability of water purifiers has increased. To meet the growing necessity, Premiere Sales offers numerous options. To learn about the difference between water filtration and water purification, please read our blog post.

Here’s a fast checklist that will assist you in examining the accessible drinking water purification systems and selecting the one which suits you the most.

1) What can the water purifier remove?

The first and the fundamental check is to review the list of pollutants that the water purifier can remove. Make certain it can filter organic pollutants like microorganisms and cysts, chemical pollutants such as pesticides and herbicides, and artificial pollutants like pharmaceutical drugs. Luckily, the Premiere Sales water filtration products have you covered for all of these pollutants!

2) Minerals and nutrients?

The second important factor to consider is the benefits and disadvantages of reverse osmosis water. Without a doubt, reverse osmosis water tastes great, clean, and fresh because the water is so pure! Some drinking water purification systems that are based on the principle of reverse osmosis remove everything from the water. This includes harmful contaminants but also nutrients and minerals too. By definition pure water means everything has been removed so that means minerals and nutrients too. Remember to consider the fact that there are important nutrients in natural water. There are options to add back the beneficial minerals that were removed or ensure you take natural products and vitamins to make sure you are getting your needed minerals.

3) Is the water purifier tried and tested?

The third check is to make sure water purifier has adequate certifications. The Premiere Sales water purification systems and tried and tested against the NSF standards for quality and performance.
Another problem many drinking water purification systems on the market have is the ease of installation and customizability. Many of them are bulky too eating up the space, or requiring special plumbing. Not to worry, Premiere Sales offers water purification systems that are compact and easy to install: