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Chlorine in Water

It’s been nearly 110 years since the initial usage of chlorine in water. Starting in Jersey City and Chicago in 1908, and after that quickly expanding to cities across the US, this approach to water treatment helped to basically wipe out ailments within water like typhoid and cholera. While this system of disinfecting drinking water is understood as most likely the most crucial achievements in public health, it is now considered to be an out of date approach to water treatment. In the last one hundred years, the risk of waterborne diseases continues with other contaminants.

Dangers of Chlorine in Tap Water / Chlorine in Drinking Water

In recent years, there is been growing issue on the part of medical science over chemicals (including drugs in tap water) within our tap water and potentially drinking water if not filtered adequately. Chlorine in water is not a viable method to treat all contaminants and pollution. Using this out of date approach to water purification has its own serious disadvantages. Chlorine in water causes heavy metals, like lead, to leach in the water when it makes contact with the aging alloy pipes which are in most home plumbing. Chlorine in tap water isn’t the only concern: there is also the risk of inhaling the chloroform gas that’s created in the steam vapor from the shower.

The EPA has warned that with chlorine and showering, most homes in America have a noticeable degree of chloroform gas in the air. Inhaling chloroform may cause strong respiratory irritation and may trigger an asthma attack. So the issue of chlorine in water is not only a drinking water problem.

You might wonder why, with all our technical improvements, chlorine carries on to be utilized as the main way of disinfecting our water systems. Redesigning or installing new water treatment systems is very costly. Most municipalities are reluctant to raise taxes in order to pay for an updated system. With increasingly more proof of the disadvantages of chlorine in water being made public, towns are going to be forced to take drastic steps to defend their citizens.

However, you do not have to wait around for the city council to address these important issues. You may take steps, right now, to defend the health of you or your family. There are so many affordable, quality home water purification systems that may efficiently meet all your water purification needs. A good place to begin is to look for water purifiers which use a multi-stage filtration system. Not only can this kind of water treatment counter the bad effects of chlorine in water, however it can filter out most artificial organic chemicals, volatile organic chemicals, heavy metals, and bacteria.

Water Filtration Products to Remove Chlorine in Tap Water / Chlorine in Drinking Water

For one of the best whole house water filter products available to remove chlorine in tap water / chlorine in drinking water, check out the Whole House Stainless Steel Water Filter (PS-SS20BIV).

stainless steel whole house water filter or point of entry water filter with 0.2 sub micron filtration cartridge

It’s a stainless steel filter housing with a 0.2 submicron absolute “charged” nanofiber cartridge that removes parasites (cryptosporidium & giardia), bacteria, cysts, iron, manganese, particulates, sediment, and other biological hazards.

Alternatively, for chlorine in drinking water you can opt for an under sink filtration system such as the Premiere zero waste ultrafiltration system (PS-PURUF) which has ZERO WASTE WATER. In addition it reduces bacteria, cysts, viruses, silt, colloidal silica, clay, iron, sand, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), chlorine, chloramines, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, lead, trihalomethanes (THMs), methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE), and other solids / particles.

Premiere zero waste ultrafiltration system


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