Let’s Talk About Dehydration: Causes and Symptoms


I think most of us know that water makes up a large portion of the human body. In fact, 75% of body weight is due to water.

But why does this matter? Well, the majority of body’s water is located inside the cells so dehydration can pose both inconvenient and dangerous consequences.

Bottom line: EveryBODY needs to drink lots of water! (Check out: Beat Dehydration: Drink More Filtered Water!)

In today’s post I’m going to look as what causes dehydration and the not-so-pleasant side effects of it.


everybody drink now
Can’t help from singing EVERYBODY DRINK [WATER]NOW ♪

Causes of Dehydration

A deficiency of fluids happens when the quantity of water leaving the body is higher than the sum being taken in. In an ordinary day, an individual has to drink a large amount of water to replace this routine loss.

Diarrhea is the most typical reason an individual loses excess water. Constant diarrhea is both inconvenient and dangerous, as a large amount of water may be lost with each bowel movement.

Worldwide, more than 4 million kids die every year due to contamination from diarrhea. Continuous vomiting could be a significant source of fluid loss and it is problematic for someone to replace water if they’re unable to tolerate liquids.

The body can lose a substantial amount of water when it tries to cool itself by sweating. If the body is hot due to the surroundings, intense exercising in a hot atmosphere, or a fever due to an infection, the body definitely uses large amount of water in the type of perspiration to cool itself.

In individuals with diabetes, raised blood sugar levels can cause sugar to spill to the urine which water then follows, and might cause significant dehydration.

Burn sufferers become dehydrated because water seeps to the damaged skin.

And most obviously, not being able to drink sufficiently is another possible cause of dehydration. Whether it is an issue of accessibility to water or the quantity of water available, this, coupled with routine or excessive levels of water loss may compound the level of dehydration.

Symptoms of Dehydration

The body’s initial reactions to dehydration are thirst and reduced urine output in an attempt to conserve water.

As dehydration increases, more signs may become apparent, like increased thirst, dry mouth, cessation of tear output by the eyes, cessation of sweating, muscle cramps, vomiting and nausea, heart palpitations, and lightheadedness.

With serious dehydration, distress and weakness may occur as the mind and other body organs receive less blood. Pulse rate might increase and blood pressure level might drop since the intravascular space is depleted of water.

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