Chemicals and Drugs in Tap Water: Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

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Chemicals and Drugs in Tap Water

There’s lots of talk nowadays about the number of dangerous substances found in water which has been treated by city water regulators, and how home tap water is not always safe either. The following post discusses chemicals and drugs in tap water and the issues of this.

An incredible number of us are indeed consuming chemical polluted water, and it doesn’t matter if we live in large metropolitan areas or out in rural communities. In one research study on the water in 62 main urban centers 24 of them were infected with pharmaceuticals (2008). That means prescription drugs were within the drinking tap water of over 40 million Americans! In addition, there are the compounds like chlorine, bromine, industrial- strength disinfectants, benzene, industrial solvents, pesticides and herbicides in the water too. These substances can cause cancer, damage the thyroid, distort physical growth, and many other harmful effects too.

What’s worse is that city water specialists may not test for the existence of substances and pharmaceuticals. Despite the fact that drugs were found in the watersheds providing Oklahoma City and Santa Clara, for instance, water officials in these two cities didn’t test for them. This surprising lack of concern occurs in lots of other water treatment offices across the country. The state health division and the USGS has located the water in the NY catchments that has trace concentrations of heart medication, infection fighters, oestrogen, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers, and tranquilizers. However, the water regulators insist they meet federal requirements and that their water is safe.

It’s almost as if the presence of chemicals in water doesn’t trigger alarm bells ring for these officials. How many prescription medications do you need in your drinking water to make it considered unsafe? How is it feasible for drugs and chemicals to get through the city treatment systems? Well, it’s partly because they use equipment that only blocks pollutants larger than a water molecule. Since substances may be smaller in molecular size, they pass right through the city filters. It is also partly because officials may get away with it since federal safety levels are so lax.

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