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Pentair Water Filters

Premiere Sales carries high quality, affordable alternatives to Pentair water filters. Our Pentair compatible replacement water filters fit just like the Pentair water filter originals and provide up to 700% higher gallon capacity. This means you save time and money not having to replace your water filters as often. Enjoy fresh, great-tasting water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

Pentair is a leading manufacturer of water treatment systems for residential, commercial and industrial markets worldwide. Their brands  include American Plumber, Everpure, OMNIFilter, Pentair Industrial, Wellmate, AvantaPure by GE, and ProElite by GE. Pentair trademarks include American Plumber, Aquamatic, Autotrol, Avanatpure, Big Blue, Big White, ChlorPlus, Exubera, Fleck, Floplus, Freshpoint, Homespring, Merlin, Microguard, Omnifilter, Pentek, Poly Glass, Polydepth, Slimline, Structural, Technetic 1000, and Wellmate.

Premiere Sales carries high quality, affordable replacement filters to fit many Pentair water filter systems. If you need help finding a water filter or water filtration system please give us a call, toll-free at +1 (800) 817-6306 and one of our product experts will get you sorted.