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The Best Alkaline Water Filter Systems

Enjoy clean, safe, alkaline drinking water with the reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration systems below. Both these alkaline water filter systems eliminate harmful contaminants – chlorine, bacteria, giardia, lead, heavy metals, chemicals, and more – and add beneficial minerals back into the water. They alkalize your water by increasing the pH to 8.5 – 10 and increasing the negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP).

An alkaline water pitcher, alkaline water ionizer stick, alkaline water filter bottle, or others simply can’t touch the filtration capabilities of reverse osmosis or ultrafiltration! Reverse osmosis has a membrane pore size of roughly 0.0001 micron, and ultrafiltration has a membrane pore size of 0.02 micron, while most filter pitchers may filter down to 1 micron at best. Don’t risk nasty contaminants being left in your alkaline drinking water.