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Water Filters for Lead Reduction and Removal

Lead in water continues to be a problem around the US even after the water crisis in Flint, Michigan over five years ago. Lead is toxic even at low levels and some of us are more vulnerable to lead poisoning than others. Kids and expectant mothers should be especially careful not to drink lead contaminated water.

Although many municipal water sources test for lead and other contaminants, it’s important to keep in mind that test results only speak for the water quality at the time of testing. It doesn’t mean that lead or other contaminants couldn’t become present at some point.

Another important consideration is that lead in drinking water can actually stem from household plumbing. So even if your municipal water is regularly tested for contaminants and is safe to drink, contamination could come from your own household plumbing. Water can absorb lead from solder, fixtures, and pipes found in the plumbing of some buildings or homes.

Your best line of defence against lead is a water filter. The below water filter systems and filters reduce and/or remove lead and other contaminants.