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Powerful Well Water Filter Systems at Affordable Prices

Untreated well water can be unsafe to drink or use. If you get your water from a well, a well water filter is highly recommended. Well water filter systems will solve these common well water issues:

  • Cloudy/rust-colored water, metallic taste, stained appliances, dingy laundry = iron and manganese in the water
  • Recurring stomach issues = Coliform bacteria (including E. Coli) from septic tanks or animal waste
  • Rotten egg smell = sulfides or sulfates in the water
  • Hard water build-up = due to scale in the water

Wells are a viable source of water. In fact, about 44 million Americans use water from wells. The quality of well water can depend on many things so you should carry out routine checks to ensure its purity and safety.

It is recommended to conduct a comprehensive test on your well water at least once per year. If there are known contamination issues with the well or in the area, you should check more frequently. Also, just because well water was considered safe at one point, it does not guarantee it will continue to be so. For more information about well water, please check out our blog post, The Truth About Well Water 

Finding the best well water filter systems can be overwhelming, but it is definitely worth it. At Premiere Sales, we make it easy to find a well water filter system. Call us on (800) 817-6306 and a knowledgeable well water expert can guide you through the well water filters to meet your individual water needs. No matter the problem, Premiere Sales has a water filtration solution to provide cleaner water for every room your home or building.