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Zero Waste Reverse Osmosis Systems

A conventional reverse osmosis system may waste 3 – 25 gallons of water to produce one gallon of RO water. That’s a lot of waste water. In consideration to the environment and your water bill, Premiere Sales offers a zero waste reverse osmosis alternative: the Premiere Zero Waste Membrane Water Purification System (PS-PURUF).

With this zero waste reverse osmosis alternative, there is absolutely no water wastage in generating pure, fresh water. Best of all, healthful minerals and nutrients are retained in the purified water the PS-PURUF produces. (Conventional reverse osmosis systems remove these healthful minerals).

Another advantage of the PS-PURUF over conventional ro systems is that no noisy pump is used. Plus, the Premiere Zero Waste Water Purification System produces water on demand thus requiring no storage tank. This means there is no bacteria growth (which conventional ro systems that have tanks face) and the unit takes less space under a kitchen sink than other reverse osmosis systems.