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1 Micron Sediment Filter – Premium, Ultra Fine Replacement Water Filter Cartridge

  • Premium 1 micron sediment filter for whole house, food service, and commercial filter applications to remove sediment, dirt, and rust
  • 3M Aqua Pure AP1001 compatible 1 micron filter (10″ housing)
  • A grooved 1 micron sediment filter lasts 30% longer and has 50% greater water filtration efficiency than a non-grooved filter
  • Features 34 grooves whereas other alternatives on the market may only have 20 grooves. Keep in mind that the lower the number of grooves, the less surface area therefore less filtration capabilities
  • Grooved design increases surface area by 132% which improves filtration and extends the water filter life
  • Rigid construction helps to eliminate sediment unloading due to variances in water pressure
  • Be sure to replace your water filters regularly to ensure optimum water quality.

A 1 micron sediment filter will fit standard filter housings including 3M Aqua Pure, 3M CUNO Food Service, Pentek, GE, Omni, Culligan, Kenmore, Whirlpool, and more.