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AMF-234SRV – Two Stage RV Water Filter System with Scale Inhibitor


Compact and reliable 2-stage RV water filter system with scale inhibitor. This system absorbs harmful contaminants and improves the taste and appearance of your drinking water. It filters all incoming water to your RV that feed your kitchen, bathroom, water heater, and faucets. Scale inhibitor prevents scale from forming and loosens existing scale deposits, helping avoid expensive repairs or replacements for your RV. 2 gallon per minute flow rate.


Add a replacement water filter kit for when it's time to change the filters in this system

Replacement Water Filter Kit for AMF-234SRV RV Water Filter System

Two Stage RV Water Filter System with Scale Inhibitor Cartridges – Protect your RV water heater, pipes, and plumbing connections from corrosion and scale which can lower your water heater’s efficiency and life span

The AMF-234SRV is a compact two stage filtration system with scale inhibitor designed for RVs. It filters all incoming water to your RV before it goes into the individual supply lines that feed your kitchen, bathroom (including toilets), water heater, and faucets. This systems absorbs harmful contaminants, and improve the taste and appearance of your drinking water. Two gallon per minute flow rate. Replace these high capacity filters once per year.

Scale – also known as a mineral build-up – should be a concern for your pipes, plumbing connections, and water heating system, including RV water heaters especially. Scale deposits can lower your water heater’s efficiency and life span. A RV water filter with scale inhibitor ensures the water entering your water heater system is filtered and does not have the minerals that cause scale. Other RV water filter systems on the market don’t treat and prevent scale – protect your investment!

The AMF-234SRV is unique because in addition to supplying filtered water, it goes one step further: scale protection. Siliphos ® corrosion and scale inhibitor stabilizes your water and prevents scale from forming. This scale inhibitor will also loosen any existing scale deposits so that they may be flushed away by the water flow over time.

This system is easily installed and comes complete with durable water filter housing canisters, cartridges with scale inhibitor, lead-free brass hose connectors, and a filter wrench. Mounting bracket (as per photo) is optional; please select whether you’d like this option when adding the system to your cart.

Two Stage RV Water Filter System Features and Benefits:

  • Stage 1: Ultra fine 1 micron water filter with scale inhibitor (AMF-SDR1)
    • Removes sediment, scale, sand, dirt, silt, rust, and other ultra fine particles as small as 1 micron
    • Improves taste and clarity of drinking water
    • High dirt holding capacity
    • 34 grooves means large surface area and higher filtration capabilities by trapping various sized particles layer by layer
    • Grooved design increases surface area by 132% and extends the water filter cartridge life— lasts 30% longer than non-grooved cartridges. Increases water filtration efficiency by 50% too
    • Rigid construction helps to eliminate sediment unloading due to variances in water pressure
    • Deep ridges are industrial grade construction that withstand stressful conditions
    • Made from durable spun bound polypropylene
  • Stage 2: 5 micron coconut shell carbon block filter cartridge (AMF-CBC/5)
    • Reduces chlorine taste and odor, sediment, chlorine, rust, scale, and particulates to improve taste and clarity
    • Reduces other offensive tastes and odors including that “rotten egg” smell (sulfur)
    • More contaminant removal than a granular activated carbon filter (GAC filter) means better tasting water too
    • 100% coconut shell carbon block
    • Coconut shell carbon block technology is eco-friendly
    • Made in USA
  • Screw-off lid with wrench for easy changing of the drop-in water filter cartridges
  • Built in pressure release valve (PRV) to release pressure before changing filters
  • 3/4″ port which allows for a flow rate of 2 gallons per minute which meets most water demands
  • Solid, lead-free brass fittings – hose connections are 3/4″ hose swivel thread (HST) and 3/4″ hose male thread (HMT)
  • Strong mounting bracket to hold the system in place in your RV (if option selected, AMF-234SRV)
  • Enjoy piece of mind with a five year warranty on the water filter housings
  • Tested to NSF® standards – NSF International, one of the most respected independent certification organizations, rigorously tests products to comply with all standard requirements. The cartridges are tested to standards 42. Standard 42 certifies the reduction of aesthetic and non-health related contaminants such as chlorine, taste, odor, and particulates that may be present in public or private drinking water.

AMF-234SRV Two Stage RV Water Filter System Contents:

  • Two (2) durable water filter housing canisters
  • One (1) 1 micron grooved sediment filter with scale inhibitor (AMF-SDR1)
  • One (1) 5 micron carbon block filter (AMF-CBC/5)
  • Lead-free brass hose connectors
  • Mounting bracket with screws (if this option is selected, AMF-234SRV)
  • Filter wrench

Two Stage RV Water Filter System Specifications:

  • Micron ratings: 1 micron (pre-filter), 5 micron (post-filter)
  • Flow rate: 2 gallons per minute (GPM)
  • Filter life: Up to one year. Gallon capacity varies depending on your water conditions – general rule of thumb is to replace the filters once per year. You will know it’s time to change them when there is no scale inhibitor product remaining in the center of the filter cartridges (a visual check) and/or there is a noticeable drop in water pressure coming from the system but the incoming water pressure has not changed.
  • Hose connections: 3/4″ HST X 3/4″ HMT
  • Size: 12.5″ W X 14.5″ H 6″ D (with mounting bracket, AMF-234SRV); 12.5″ W X 12.5″ H X 5.25″ D (without mounting bracket, AMF-234SRV-NB)
  • 5 year warranty on housings

The replacement water filter kit for this system is the AMF-234SRV-RC

Mounting Bracket

With Mounting Bracket ($169), Without Mounting Bracket ($154)