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3M Aqua Pure AP117 Compatible – 12,000 Gal Capacity Water Filter


Replacement water filter cartridge for 3M™ Aqua Pure™ AP117. 12,000 gallon capacity, high quality coconut shell carbon block water filter. Available in 2-, 4-, 6-, and 25-pack (case) quantities.


Upgraded Replacement Water Filter Cartridge – Compatible 3M Aqua Pure AP117 Filter – 20% More Capacity

The Premiere PS-117 replacement water filter FITS THE SAME as the Aqua Pure AP117 filter (Aqua Pure 5541705, Aqua Pure 5541706, Aqua Pure 5541714, Aqua Pure 5577801, and Aqua Pure 5552807). Also a compatible replacement for other 3M Aqua Pure, 3M CUNO Food Service, Whirlpool, Grainger, Ametek, American Plumber, GE, Sears, and WaterPik filters/systems.

PS-117 Water Filter Cartridge Features and Benefits:

•  This filter has a 12,000 gallon capacity – that’s 20% more than the Aqua Pure AP117 water filter original.
•  Taste the difference with our coconut shell carbon block filter, whereas the AquaPure AP117 filter is petroleum-based carbon.
•  Made in the U.S.A just like the Aqua Pure filters.
•  Reduces chlorine, taste and odor, dirt, sand, sediment, and rust particles from your water.

The PS-117 Water Filter Cartridge Specifications:

•  Filter capacity: 12,000 gallons
•  Micron rating:  5 micron
•  Size:  9.75″ L X 2.78″ D
•  Flow rate: 3 gallons per minute

The PS-117 is a compatible replacement for the Aqua Pure AP117 water filter and the following:

3M Aqua Pure: Aqua Pure AP11, Aqua Pure AP11S, Aqua Pure AP11T, Aqua Pure AP101, Aqua Pure AP101S, Aqua Pure AP101T, Aqua Pure AP102S, Aqua Pure AP102T, Aqua Pure AP12, Aqua Pure AP12S, Aqua Pure AP12T, AquaPure AP117 filter, Aqua Pure AP1610, Aqua Pure AP2610, Aqua Pure AP51T, Aqua Pure AP1610SS, Aqua AP2610SS, Aqua Pure SS1-SS12, Aqua Pure SST1, Aqua Pure SST1HA, and Aqua Pure SST2HB.
3M Cuno Food Service: CFS117 and 55593-04.

In addition to these water filters including:

Whirlpool: WHCF-GAC and WHKF-GAC.
WW Grainger: 1P754.
And any other filter system that calls for a standard size (9.75″ L X 2.78″ D) such as Ametek, American Plumber, GE, Sears, and WaterPik (not K-50 or K50 system).


2 Pack ($20.00 ea), 4 Pack ($19.00 ea), 6 Pack ($18.00 ea), Case of 25 ($16.40 ea)


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