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Alkaline Reverse Osmosis Water – HydroGuard HDGT-45 + Alkaline Filter System


  • Eliminates 99% of lead, nitrates, cysts, cryptosporidium, giardia, arsenic, sodium and more
  • Water pressure regulator and leak detector shut off valve
  • Easy installation and sanitary quick change filters
  • Increases pH to 8.5 – 10
  • Raised antioxidant level (negative oxidation reduction potential)
  • Increases healthful minerals in drinking water – adds organic and natural calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium ions
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Alkaline Reverse Osmosis Water System: HydroGuard HDGT-45 Reverse Osmosis (RO) plus Alkaline Filter

Enjoy clean, safe, alkaline reverse osmosis water with the HydroGuard HDGT-45 RO system plus alkaline filter. This system eliminates harmful contaminants and adds beneficial minerals back into the water. It alkalizes your water by increasing the pH to 8.5 – 10 and increasing the negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP). This reverse osmosis system reduces the levels of lead, nitrates, cysts (cryptosporidium, giardia), arsenic, and other contaminants commonly found in unfiltered tap water.

This water filter system is easy to install, and uses sanitary quick change filters which makes changing water filters fast, convenient and sanitary. One of the revolutionary features of the HydroGuard HDGT-45 is its leak detector shut off valve (FLOWLOK ™) which silently guards against any water leaks which may occur. It also has a water pressure regulator to protect your system from water hammer and spikes in water pressure. The HydroGuard HDGT-45 with alkaline filter features a compact design and delivers clean, alkaline water from your tap whenever you want it.

HydroGuard HDGT-45 RO System plus Alkaline Filter Features and Benefits

  • Eliminates up to 99% of harmful contaminants including chlorine, fluoride, microorganisms, dissolved solids, and heavy metals such as barium, cadmium, chromium, lead and mercury
  • Increases healthful minerals in drinking water. Alkaline filter adds organic and natural calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium ions.
  • Increases pH to 8.5 – 10. RO water is not alkaline and has a low pH (typically 5 – 7 pH), so the alkaline post filter produces pH balanced water.
  • Negative oxidation reduction potential (antioxidant level). Makes water more easily absorbed into the body
  • Sanitary quick change cartridges
  • The FLOWLOK ™ leak detector shut off valve silently guards against any water leaks which may occur with the system. It’s a unique device that works through a specialty fabric disc that expands upon contact with water. If the FLOWLOK™ disc detects water it expands and pushes the shut off lever to turn the water off to the system.
  • The SHOKBLOK ™ system protection valve protects your system from spikes in water pressure and water hammer
  • 4.5 gallon storage tank
  • NSF certified materials. NSF International, is one of the most respected independent certification organizations, which rigorously tests products to comply with all standard requirements
  • High performance filters only need to be changed once per year
  • Durable UV resistant plastic prevents yellowing
  • Quick connect fittings make installation fast, convenient and sanitary. No tools required for filter change
  • Enjoy peace of mind with a 3 year limited warranty
  • This is the only system on the market to offer all these benefits – other alkaline reverse osmosis water systems just don’t compare!
  • Designer, lead-free faucet provides elegance and durability (if option is selected). Available in three finishes: chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze

HydroGuard HDGT-45 Spec Sheet

HydroGuard 4 Stage RO System Specifications

  • System size: ≈ 15″ tall x 14.6″ long x 4.6″ wide
  • 4.5 gallon storage tank size: ≈ 15″ tall x 11″ diameter

HydroGuard 4 Stage RO System Contents

This complete system includes:

  • One (1) HydroGuard 4 stage RO system
  • One (1) 4.5 gallon storage tank
  • One (1) HydroGuard 50 gallon per day RO membrane (HDGT-TW50)
  • One (1) HydroGuard 5 micron sediment pre-filter (HDGT-SED5)
  • One (1) HydroGuard 5 micron carbon block pre-filter (HDGT-CB5)
  • One (1) HydroGuard 5 micron carbon post/polishing filter (HDGT-CB5P)
  • One (1) Premiere Alkaline inline post-filter

Choice of faucet style and finish available:

  • System only (no faucet) – $385
  • Chrome ceramic non-air gap drinking water faucet – $397
  • Elitist designer drinking water faucet in Brushed Nickel (PS-ELITIST-BN) – $409
  • Elitist designer drinking water faucet in Oil Rubbed Bronze (PS-ELITIST-ORB) – $409
  • All faucets are LEAD-FREE

PS-ALKRO ultrafiltration system replacement water filters (PS-ALKRO-RC) are available here and the replacement membrane (HDGT-TW50) is here.

Remember to replace your PS-ALKRO water filters once a year, or after 2,000 gallons (whichever comes first), and replace the membrane once every 2 years.

The HydroGuard replacement water filter kit for HDGT-45 (select “Twist Style”) is also fully compatible with this system if you no longer want alkaline water.

What is alkaline reverse osmosis water?

Alkaline reverse osmosis water is drinking water that has been purified by the reverse osmosis process, then the pH is raised, alkaline minerals added, and has negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP).

Alkaline water has a higher pH than normal drinking water – it has a pH level of about 8 or 9, whereas normal tap water can be anywhere from 6.5 and 9.5 depending on your water source. However, alkaline water is not down to pH alone. Alkaline water must also contain alkaline minerals and negative ORP.

Reverse osmosis water itself is neutral (pH around 7) since it is pure water. However, if RO water is exposed to air, it drops to an acidic pH range of 5 – 5.5. This happens because it absorbs CO2 right out of the air. As a result, in about an hour a glass of pure RO water can drop from a pH of 7 down to a pH of 5.5 or lower.

Some advocates of alkaline water believe it has these health benefits:

  • Neutralize the acid in your body
  • Anti-aging properties
  • Colon-cleansing properties
  • Immune system support
  • Hydration, skin health, and other detoxifying properties
  • Weight loss 

Special notes:

  • Taste-wise, if you want to achieve “tasteless” water that is free from minerals (i.e., how some bottled water tastes – or doesn’t taste, rather) you will want to consider a reverse osmosis without an alkaline filter. The alkaline filter adds organic and natural calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium ions which will contribute to how the water tastes.
  • This system is NOT recommended if you wish to remove all TDS. Although reverse osmosis on its own does remove / reduce TDS, the alkaline filter on this system adds beneficial minerals back into the water after the RO process (minerals contribute to the TDS level). Therefore, you should not expect a low (or zero) TDS reading with this system like you would with just reverse osmosis on it’s own. In fact, for some water conditions the TDS level for water from this system may even be higher than the incoming water.
Faucet Color

Chrome Ceramic Non-Air Gap – $397, Brushed Nickel – $409, Oil Rubbed Bronze – $409, No Faucet – $385