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EC-517 – 3M Aqua Pure AP517 Water Filter – 2 Pack


Replacement 3M Aqua Pure AP517 Water Filter Cartridge. Fully compatible. 500% greater capacity than AP517 or CFS517 cartridges.

Fully Compatible Replacement Cartridge for 3M Aqua Pure AP517 Water Filter – 2 Pack

Enjoy great tasting water with our high quality coconut shell carbon block cartridge. Fully compatible replacement for the 3M Aqua Pure AP517 water filter with improved performance.

Key features of the EC-517:

  • 500% greater capacity than Aqua Pure AP517 or Cuno CFS517 cartridges! Our EC-517 cartridge is 10,000 gallon capacity whereas the Aqua Pure AP517 is only 2,000 gallon capacity
  • Reduces chlorine taste and odor
  • Medical grade submicron filtration also reduces cysts, dirt, sediment, mold, algae, and more
  • Contains a scale inhibitor which reduces the build up of minerals on equipment. No more hard water spots from lime scale build up
  • Sanitary, quick connect design means installation is easy and fast – as simple as changing a lightbulb!
  • The Premiere EC-Series cartridges have been tested to NSF® standard 42 and 53
  • Applications include under sink water filtration, or commercial/food service such as beverage, coffee, or ice filters.
  • Filter can be used in both chlorinated and non-chlorinated systems which makes it a great option for municipal and well water sources

 Specifications of the EC-517:

  • Capacity: 10,000 gallons.
  • Flow rate: 2 gallons per minute
  • Upgraded Cartridge Size: 4″ D X 12″ L

The EC-517 is a compatible replacement for Aqua Pure AP517 water filter and the following:

Aqua Pure®: AP517 (3M ID 70020320308UPC 00051128889329), AP517-01, and AP517-06.
Cuno 3M® Food Service: CFS517 and 55600-01
WW Grainger®: 3P781


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