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Water Filter Wrench


  • Water filter wrench
  • Available in three size options:
    • Fits most standard size 10″ filter housings
    • AMF-20S housing
    • BG series / Big Blue filter housings
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Water filter wrench

Standard wrench fits most standard size, small diameter 10″ filter housings.

AMF-20S wrench fits Premiere AMF-20S housing.

BG wrench fits large diameter 10″ or 20″ Premiere BG-series / Big Blue water filter housings including:

  • BG-10BIV
  • BG-10C
  • BG-10F5SED
  • BG-10SF
  • BG-10CSRV
  • BG-10CRV
  • BG-102CRV (2 filters housings)
  • BG-102CSRV (2 filters housings)
  • BG-20BIV
  • BG-20C
  • BG-20CB
  • BG-20F5SED
  • BG-20SF
  • BG-20BTS
  • BG-20DI
  • PS-1000 & PS-2000 series ultrafiltration systems (PS-1000, PS-2000C, PS-2000FS, PS-2000PB, PS-2000S)

Please note that the filter wrench may vary from photo (color, full circle, half circle, etc.) but will be suited for the housing type you select.

Wrench Fit

Standard size 10" filter housings, Premiere AMF-20S, Premiere BG-series / Big Blue housings

SKU: PS-WRENCH Category: