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O-Rings for BG Series Water Filter Housings


  • Replacement rubber o-rings (2) for Premiere BG-series 10″ or 20″ water filter housings
  • Free shipping
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Rubber O-Rings for Premiere BG Series 10″ and 20″ filter housings

Includes two (2) rubber o-rings. Free shipping. Fits all 10″ or 20″ Premiere BG-series water filter housings including:

Each housing requires one (1) o-ring so use one, and store the other for another time (long shelf life). Two stage systems such as the BG-102CRV and BG-CSRV, BG-202SFC, BG-202PB, BG-202DIFS, and BG-202BIV have two BG series housings so would need two o-rings to replace the entire system.

SKU: BG-ORING Category: