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PS-RFC20-BB – Pentek RFC20-BB Compatible 5 Micron Radial Flow Carbon Water Filter


Upgraded replacement for Pentek RFC20-BB. 20″ Radial flow carbon water filter cartridge that performs better than the Pentek / American Plumber original. It filters particles as small as 5 micron and has a 80,000 gallon capacity. Removes chlorine, sediment, sand, rust, scale particles, and offensive taste and odors in your water.

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Compatible Pentek RFC20-BB 20″ Radial Flow Carbon Water Filter – 5 Micron Filter Cartridge with 80,000 Gallon Capacity that Performs Better than the Pentek RFC20BB / American Plumber WRC25HD20

The PS-RFC20-BB fits just like the Pentek RFC20-BB (and other models) and performs better too. It filters particles as small as 5 micron (Pentek RFC20-BB is 20 micron) and has a 80,000 gallon capacity (Pentek RFC20-BB is only 70,000 gallon capacity). This whole home water filter removes sediment, sand, rust, chlorine, and offensive taste and odors in your water. The PS-RFC20-BB features a radial design and provides a higher flow rate for your whole house. This radial flow carbon filter is also a compatible replacement for American Plumber WRC25HD20 (155247) and will also fit any standard size 20″ housing with 4-1/2″ diameter.

PS-RFC20-BB Features and Benefits:

  • 5 micron rating provides greater filtration than the 20 micron Pentek RFC20-BB. (The lower the micron rating, the smaller the particles that are allowed to pass through the filter).
  • Amazing flow rate of 20 gallons per minute, with very little pressure drop. Pentek RFC20-BB has a flow rate of only 4 gallons per minute
  • Removes chlorine, sediment, rust, sand, and offensive taste and odors
  • High capacity of 80,000 gallons means you don’t have to change the filter as often compared to the Pentek RFC20-BB / American Plumber WRC25HD20 original
  • The unique radial flow design offers the benefits of low pressure drop while at the same time significantly reducing the release of carbon fines
  • Tested to NSF® standards 42 and NSF 61
  • Size: 4.5″ D X 20″ L

Premiere Sales also carries this RFC20-BB cartridge with corrosion and scale inhibitor product (PS-RFC20-BBS) to protect from hard water lime scale build-up.

The PS-RFC20-BB will fit in the following housings:

Compatible replacement water filter cartridge for Pentek RFC20-BB / American Plumber WRC25HD20 and the following:

  • Pentek ®: 150467, 150233, 150234, 150235, 150236, 166201, NCP-20BB, 155382-43, GAC20-BB, 155249-43, 155247-43, EPM20-BB, 155783-43, EP20-BB, 155583-43, CFB-Plus 20 BB, & 255678-43
  • American Plumber ®: 152015, 152017, WRC25HD20, & 155247-51
  • 3M Aqua-Pure ®: AP802 Series Models 55857-04, 55857-19, AP815-2, AP817-2, & 56027-07
  • KX®: CTO/2 20″, & 32-425-125-20
  • Premiere Sales: BG-20 Series 20″ Housings including BG-20SF, BG-20BIV, BG-20C, BG-20F5SED, BG-202BIV

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