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Replacement Filters for the Premiere Low Waste Reverse Osmosis Alternative (PS-WOWRO)

•  Set includes one (1) WOW-RO pre-filter and one (1) WOW-RO post-filter
•  Quick-change filters for clean & simple changes
•  Change filters every 6 months to one year depending on water conditions

About the Premiere Low Waste Reverse Osmosis Alternative RO System (PS-WOWRO)

The Premiere PS-WOWRO is a low waste reverse osmosis alternative to conventional reverse osmosis systems. The PS-WOWRO has 500% less reverse osmosis waste water and takes up a third less space than other RO systems on the market. This reverse osmosis alternative water treatment system is easily installed under the sink and comes complete with a faucet. It’s the winning low waste reverse osmosis system.

Curious about how much water is wasted with reverse osmosis? …Read our article “How much water does a reverse osmosis system waste?



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