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SS820 – Premiere Stainless Steel Whole House Water Filter System for Boilers and Hot Water Heaters (Aqua Pure SS8 EPE-316L)


  • Round, multi-cartridge stainless steel filter housing with band clamp
  • Heavy-duty 304 stainless steel with electropolished finish at no extra cost
  • Whole system is machine welded
  • Legs included at no extra cost
  • Includes four 20″ sediment/scale inhibitor cartridges (AMF-SDR520)
  • Flow rate up to 56 GPM
  • Free shipping*

Superior alternative to the Aqua Pure SS8 EPE-316L whole house water filter system. The Premiere SS820 is a large diameter, stainless steel whole house water filter system – ideal for boiler or hot water heater systems because it removes sediment and scale build up. Includes four 20″ sediment filters with scale inhibitor. Substantial savings compared to the 3M Aqua Pure SS8 EPE-316L and it delivers better performance!

The Premiere SS820 is a high capacity whole house water filter system, also called a point of entry water filter (POE water filter). It includes a heavy-duty stainless steel water filter housing, and four (4) sediment filters with scale inhibitor. With a high flow rate of up to 64 gallons per minute, it will meet the water pressure demands of residential and commercial applications including boiler and hot water heater systems. This system is for hot or cold applications, and can be used for both chlorinated (municipal) and non-chlorinated (well water) systems.

The SS820 is a lower cost, superior alternative to the 3M Aqua Pure SS8 EPE-316L because it includes sediment/scale inhibitor cartridges (one year cartridge life) and the housing has a 10 year warranty. Don’t risk failure or flood damage with a low-cost, plastic water filter housing that could burst. This system is high quality 304 stainless steel construction that provides maximum durability and is resilient to corrosive substances and chemicals.

SS820 Whole House Water Filter Features

  • Heavy-duty, 304 stainless steel
  • Electropolished on the inside and out – see additional benefits below
  • Entire housing is machine welded
  • Legs included at no extra cost
  • Band clamp design for easy & fast cartridge change outs, secure sealing, and safe operation
  • Two built-in gauge ports on inlet and outlet – easily read incoming and outgoing pressure to know when it’s time to change filters
  • One 3/4″ MPT drain opening at bottom of housing for easy flushing and cleaning
  • Delivers an impressive, unrestricted flow rate of up to 64 gallons per minute (cartridge dependent), which is a sufficient supply of filtered water for very large homes or mansions (6+ bathrooms) and commercial applications – especially boilers and hot water heating systems
  • Can hold four (4) 2.5″ D x 20″ L double open-ended (DOE) style filter cartridges – 4 x AMF-SDR520 scale inhibitor cartridges are included
  • Flow rate of up to 64 gallons per minute (cartridge dependent)
  • *Free shipping within contiguous USA!
  • The competition charges for premium features like legs and an electropolished finish – legs and electropolished finish come standard with this system at no additional cost.
  • Ideal for boilers up to 400,000 BTU rating
  • Provides tremendous capacity to remove and/or reduce sediment and scale that may be present in your water
  • Significantly reduces hardness build up due to minerals present in the water supply
  • For hot or cold water use
  • Can be used for chlorinated (municipal) or non-chlorinated (well water) systems
  • 2″ NPT FIP connections assist in maximum flow rate with minimum pressure drop
  • NSF® certified components. NSF International is one of the most respected independent certification organizations, which rigorously tests products to comply with all standard requirements
  • Optional: two (2) pressure gauges included (+$70) which easily screw into the system

Benefits of AMF-SDR520 scale inhibitor cartridges

  • Premium 5 micron water filter cartridge with scale inhibitor to protect your heat exchanger and avoid tank failure
  • Siliphos ® scale control product prevents scale and stops corrosion. It works by forming a thin protective layer on the metal surface to inhibit the deposition of scale and corrosion on your tankless water heater
  • Rigid construction with 68 deep grooves. The deep grooves increase surface area, enhance contaminant holding capacity, and promote fuller utilization of the depth-matrix for fewer cartridge change outs
  • Reduces unloading at high differential pressure
  • Made without adhesives, binders, surfactants or lubricants for compatibility in a wide range of applications and operating conditions
  • The differences between our tankless water heater filter cartridge and other suppliers is the 5 micron absolute rating, deep grooves, and use of the most effective scale control formula. Don’t settle for inferior cartridges with no track record!
  • Knife edge seals eliminate bypass on DOE cartridges
  • Adjustable top plates let this housing accept various filter cartridge lengths (including 10″ L cartridges), and choice of flow rates

Benefits of electropolished 304 stainless steel

  • Maximum tarnish and corrosion resistance
  • Surface is easy to clean – reduced cleaning time by more than 50 percent!
  • Less bacteria growth
  • Microscopic smoothness
  • Bright, highly reflective finish
  • Substances are less likely to adhere to the surface (cake-on)
  • Less friction and surface drag

The 304 stainless steel housing provides maximum durability and is resilient to corrosive substances and chemicals. Enjoy peace of mind against the risk of failure and flood damage. A stainless steel water filter housing is the preferred choice for many applications due to its durability and extended life compared to plastic housings. Don’t be tricked by fiberglass, resin, or plastic housings that may only have a “stainless steel wrapper” which is for looks and doesn’t provide any structural integrity. Fiberglass, resin, and plastic housings may also leach into your water.

The SS820 is an upgraded alternative to 3M Aqua Pure SS8 EPE-316LShelco 4FOS seriesParker Fulflo multi cartridge filter vessels, Harmsco BC4-2 band clamp housing, and the rest of the competition!

SS820 Whole House Water Filter Specifications

  • Connection size: 2″ NPT FIP inlet and outlet
  • Unit size: 39″ high x 12″ diameter / 12″ deep
  • Inlet center is 14.5″ from floor
  • Outlet center is 8″ from floor
  • Micron rating: 5 micron
  • Flow rate: Up to 64 gallons per minute (cartridge dependent)
  • Max water temperature with included AMF-SDR520 cartridges: 100° F (the housing itself can be used for hot water applications up to 250ºF maximum)
  • 10 year warranty on housing
  • All options include 304 stainless steel filter housing and four (4) AMF-SDR520 cartridges; two (2) pressure gauges are optional

Download SS820 Spec Sheet



What is boiler scale?

Boiler scale is a hard, mineral coating that can collect on the water-side of boiler tubes. Scale is a problem for boilers because it acts as a barrier to heat transfer which increases energy consumption and costs. Scale also causes boiler tube corrosion and failure (boiler tubes are very expensive to replace!).

Boiler scale removal and scale inhibitor

The best and easiest way to maintain your boiler is to have a boiler water filter with scale inhibitor.

The SS820 stainless steel boiler water treatment system with corrosion and scale inhibitor filters will remove existing scale deposits, prevent scale, and stop corrosion. Scale inhibitor works by forming a thin protective layer on the metal surface to prevent the deposition of scale and corrosion.

Premiere Sales Boiler Scale Guide


Pressure Gauge

No pressure gauges ($1,699), 2 pressure gauges included ($1,769)