How to Purify Tap Water | No water filter? Boiled tap water for drinking is an option

How to purify tap water, boiled tap water

How to Purify Tap Water : Boiled Tap Water

First off, a water filter is the best line of protection against unsafe water. If you do not have a whole house water filtration system (point of entry) or drinking water system, boiling tap water before drinking is one way to purify tap water and is the recommended practice by health officials. This is particularly true in developing countries where their supply of tap water is unsafe. Unsafe water can cause illness. For those living in the rural areas or farms of even the most developed counties, there are still risks of water borne diseases as well due to drinking unsafe water. To fight unsafe water, boiled tap water is a means to purify tap water .

Boiling tap water for at least 3 minutes kills bacteria including disease causing microorganisms and giardia cysts. Boiled tap water concentrates inorganic impurities like nitrate and sulfates. Boiled tap water also tastes flat since the since the carbon dioxide (CO2) is removed. In most developed countries, tap water is “safe” having been treated to meet international safety standards. (Well, supposedly – read about chlorine in drinking water, drugs in tap water, Is LA tap water safe to drink?). In developing countries though people have to take more steps to ensure the water they are drinking is safe. If the safety of water is in question, boiled tap water is a viable option if alternative means of water filtration are unavailable.

Boiling Water Kills Bacteria

Boiling tap water kills some microorganisms, viruses, cysts, and worms. Boiled tap water is the most straightforward and easiest way of disinfecting to remove infections from the water. Heating water by boiling removes some micro-organisms and some chemicals along with other components that may be present in water. It is a means of destroying many causes of waterborne infections like bacteria, spores, fungi, protozoan, and helminth ova. No skills training for boiled tap water is needed so long as it’s boiled at the right heat temperature to kill waterborne diseases.