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Symptoms of dehydration

Symptoms of Dehydration

Whether you are physically active or simply going about your daily routine, you can get dehydrated. How do you know you happen to be lacking fluids or only being influenced by the warm weather? Watch out for the symptoms of dehydration and listen to your body: it wants and needs water!

Dehydration and Hunger

The brain is a beautiful thing, however, it can complicate determining if you are dehydrated in that the area of the brain which suggests hunger and thirst is the same. How do you know thirst from hunger? Hunger happens progressively, not suddenly. If you get hungry unexpectedly, reach to get a glass of water first and not to get a sandwich. The lack of water reduces the liver release of glycogens for energy. The mind sends this as craving signs, which can be interpreted as a signal to grab a chocolate bar. When you have that craving, reach to get a high water content snack, such as a melon. Not only will the thirst be quenched, but you get to fill your sweet tooth in a natural way.

Dehydrated Skin

A good SPF cream will look after your skin, right? While it true that sun lotion moisturizes and protects your skin, you also want good fluid intake to help in keeping your skin from drying. Even the most effective moisturizer cannot keep the skin from drying due to dehydration.

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Effects of Dehydration on the Body

Symptoms of dehydration are numerous on the body depending on the severity of dehydration. If you are physically active, cramps are a strong indicator that the fluids are on the low side. Muscles are comprised of more than 70 percent of water, so whenever you hit 40 percent or less due to sweating, muscles can cramp up. All of that sweating depletes sodium and potassium levels as well, therefore besides water, a sports drink may be necessary. Another thing to consider in regards to physical activity if you are dehydrated is that the body can hardly make perspiration even on an extremely hot day. This means your body lacks it’s natural ability to try to cool you during and after physical activity.

Salivary glands utilize water to produce saliva, and when there’s a low supply of water, the glands reduce their production significantly leaving you with a dry mouth. It doesn’t stop there; not having enough saliva combined with a warm atmosphere (eg bacteria build up) can cause dreaded halitosis. So essentially, symptoms of dehydration can even include bad breath.

Last but not least, let’s talk urine. If you have dark urine, and/or it has really a pungent odor, then you lack fluids.

Dehydration and the Brain

Other symptoms of dehydration include effects on the brain. There’s a fluid sack that covers the brain, guarding it from the impact of sudden blows. If the water level of the fluid sack decreases significantly, you can experience acute headaches. Also when you are dehydrated, there’s a tendency for the blood pressure level to decrease, leaving you dizzy.

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Stay hydrated folks!