Water filters for pseudomonas and other bacteria - Pseudomonas water filters and FAQs.
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Water Filters for Pseudomonas | What is Pseudomonas in Water? & Other FAQs

Water Filters for Pseudomonas What is pseudomonas? Pseudomonas is a type of bacteria that’s relatively common in water and soil. Pseudomonas aeruginosa is the most widely known; it causes the highest number of infections in humans. It can be be spread to hospital patients and those in the healthcare system. Pseudomonas is spread when someone […]

Drinking water in the test tube for chemical and microbiological analysis
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Let’s Talk Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): What is TDS in Water?

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): What is TDS in water? Total dissolved solids – also known as “TDS” – is terminology often used in water filtration, especially in regards to reverse osmosis. Total dissolved solids are the concentration of combined minerals, salts, metals, and dissolved substances in water. There is “good” TDS such as minerals that […]

A mossy hole in the ground suitable for filtering well water.
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Well Water Basics: Important Facts About Well Water & the Benefits of a Well Water Filter System

Well water basics: Important facts about well water and the benefits of a well water filter system About 13 million households in the continental United States use water from private drinking water wells – that’s roughly 15% of the population. The amount of people using well water can rise to as high as 40% in […]

Hurrican Florence - Hurricane safety tips to avoid water contamination and drinking contaminated water
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Hurricane Safety Tips: Avoid Water Contamination During Hurricane Dorian

2019 Hurricane Safety Tips: A Hurricane Dorian safety guide of how to avoid drinking contaminated water during and after a hurricane Hurricane Dorian is gearing up to be, perhaps, the biggest storm to hit the east coast since 1992. The New York Times predicts that Hurricane Dorian is likely to hit anywhere between Miami and […]

Water California TCP Trichloropropane
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Contaminated California Drinking Water: 1,2,3-TCP Chemical (Trichloropropane)

Contaminated Drinking Water California: 1,2,3-Trichloropropane (1,2,3-TCP) Chemical Causing Water Issues in California / Tainted Water Including Serious Health Risks to Millions (TCP is Considered a Powerful Cancer-Causing Agent!) Dow Chemical and Shell’s agricultural divisions began selling two soil fumigants, D-D and Telone, in the 1940s. These two pesticides were developed to help farmers manage the […]

Wilmington North Carolina GenX Chemicals
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GenX Chemicals: Another Look at GenX in Water in North Carolina

GenX Water Contamination Part 2 – Drinking Water in North Carolina We recently published an article on the GenX water contamination in the Cape Fear river, the source of most of the drinking water in Wilmington, North Carolina. It was discovered that the majority of the chemical was originating from the Chemours Fayetteville Works site, […]

An aerial view of a river with GenX present, flowing through a forest.
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What is GenX in Water and How to Remove GenX from Water

Everything You Need To Know About GenX Contamination In Drinking Water: What is GenX in Water and How to Remove GenX from Water Pollution (including the commercial dumping of chemicals and by products) has created a number of issues world-wide, and global awareness has significantly grown over the past decade. Since early June 2017, there has been […]

nitrates in water, nitrates in drinking water
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Nitrates in Water Supply | Health Risks & How To Protect Yourself

Nitrates in Drinking Water With over 2,100 toxins that could be present in water, it’s vital that proper water filtration is carried out before consuming and using water. Drinking water pollution is a concern of many people. Nitrates in water is just one of many potential contaminants and pose a risk to humans when they are ingested. In the following post, […]

Cartoon of water contamination, contaminants in water
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Drinking Water Contamination: 13 Contaminants in Water

Drinking Water Contamination: 13 Contaminants in Water Drinking water contamination can cause serious health issues in the long and short term. There are many contaminants that can find their way into a water supply posing serious consequences for those who drink or use the water. Water contamination problems are not just confined to developing countries- […]

legionella in water. legionella bacteria in water systems
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Legionella in Water / Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems

Legionella in water and Legionella bacteria in water systems Legionella is a bacteria is found in both natural water systems and artificial water systems. Natural water systems are the ones that have evolved naturally while artificial water systems are cisterns, pipes, water taps, showers, and sinks. Bacterial Legionella in water prefer big and synthetic water […]