The Water Diet Is Not the Best Idea for Weight Loss…

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Does the water diet work?

Is a water diet the best way to shed weight quickly? Although the benefits of drinking water are numerous, the water diet is NOT a good plan for weight loss. While you may lose lots of weight rapidly by taking in only water, you’ll find some disadvantages for water fasting. When you’re on the water diet, or water fasting, you consume only water.

On a water diet you will probably lose a lot of weight quickly. During the first few days, you will lose as much as two pounds a day. Then after the first day or two, weight loss will slow to around a pound a day. An advantage to a water fasting is detoxifying your body. The significant levels of water will really flush toxins and poisons from the system.

The water diet can backfire

Despite these seemingly great outcomes, the water diet can possibly backfire. Since the body has a natural defence mechanism to prevent starving to death, you may shed weight less easily the longer you stay on a a strictly water diet. During the first couple days fasting on water, the body will burn off all its stored sugars. At this stage, your body may think there is a scarcity of food and that it needs to prevent you from starving. Alas, this defence mechanism is what will really cause your metabolic process speed to slow. Not ideal.

Another drawback of the water diet is the longer you remain on it, the body begins breaking down muscle tissues to keep you from starving. Rather than just tapping into its fat supplies, the body attacks the muscles as a supply of fuel. The water diet can be an extremely uncomfortable as well. Many people experience emotions of extreme tiredness and lightheadedness. Some have even passed out as a consequence of their low levels of blood sugar. After three days of fasting the hunger pains associated with the water diet often disappear but up until then, it’s rather unpleasant feeling so hungry. If one feels they must do a water diet, do so when you are relatively inactive. Be advised that water fasting may also be extremely dangerous to people who are suffering from low blood sugar or diabetes. Before beginning any kind of fast individuals with these conditions should consult their doctor.

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