best whole house water filter for lead is the Premiere PS-2000PB ultrafiltration system
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Best Whole House Water Filter for Lead: Premiere PS-2000PB vs Aquasana OPTIMH2O ®

Whole House Water Filter for Lead: Premiere PS-2000PB versus Aquasana OPTIMH2O ® Lead-tainted water continues to be a problem around the US even after the water crisis in Flint, Michigan over six years ago. Lead is toxic even at low levels so the best way to protect your household from using or drinking water containing lead […]

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5 Things You Need to Know About Buying a Water Heater Filter

Water Heater Filter Systems: What is a water heater filter, how does it work, and the top things to keep in mind when picking a water heater filter system A water heater filter protects your water heater, as well as your pipes, fixtures, plumbing connections, and water-using appliances that are supplied by your water heater. […]

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6 Best Bacteria Water Filters in 2021 and Why They’re Worth Buying! | Do Water Filters Remove Bacteria and Viruses?

Do Water Filters Remove Bacteria and Viruses? Some do, but not all water filters. Here’s the 6 best bacteria water filters that remove bacteria and viruses and why they’re worth buying! What would you see if you were to look through a clear glass filled with water from your tap? Probably nothing but a clear […]

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Bag Filter Water Treatment: What Are Bag Water Filters?

All About Bag Filter Water Treatment  | What are bag water filters, applications of bag filtration systems, and more Bag filtration is a versatile and cost-effective way of filtering high volumes of water with high flow rates. Bag water filters are ideal for industrial applications, brewing, prefiltering, and more. These high-capacity systems can handle 90 – […]

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Well Water Basics: Important Facts About Well Water & the Benefits of a Well Water Filter System

Well water basics: Important facts about well water and the benefits of a well water filter system About 13 million households in the continental United States use water from private drinking water wells – that’s roughly 15% of the population. The amount of people using well water can rise to as high as 40% in […]

best RV water filter system, top rv water filters 2018
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Best RV Water Filter Systems 2021 – How to Choose an RV Water Filter System for Your Water Conditions

Best RV Water Filter Systems (Updated for 2021) – How to choose the best RV water filter systems for your motorhome, trailer, or camper Having clean, fresh water to drink and use is important. Whether you are traveling around in your RV or it’s in a long-term location, the quality of the water supply will […]

what is a tankless water heater filter, tankless water heater filters, filter for tankless water heater
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What Is A Tankless Water Heater and Why a Tankless Water Heater Filter is Essential

All About Tankless Water Heaters: What is a tankless water heater? What are the advantages of a tankless water heater? Why is a tankless water heater filter essential? Most homes have traditionally had a hot water tank or boiler as a water heating system, but installing a tankless water heater has become increasingly popular as […]

Wilmington North Carolina GenX Chemicals
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GenX Chemicals: Another Look at GenX in Water in North Carolina

GenX Water Contamination Part 2 – Drinking Water in North Carolina We recently published an article on the GenX water contamination in the Cape Fear river, the source of most of the drinking water in Wilmington, North Carolina. It was discovered that the majority of the chemical was originating from the Chemours Fayetteville Works site, […]

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Water Purification Systems: Simple Checklist For Choosing The Best One

Simple Checklist For Choosing a Water Purification System With water pollution causing potential threats to one’s health, drinking water purification systems are a necessity. Thankfully, there is an increased awareness about the need for drinking clean and pure water and the availability of water purifiers has increased. To meet the growing necessity, Premiere Sales offers numerous […]

The Importance of Sanitizing Your Water Filtration Equipment
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The Importance of Sanitizing Your Water Filtration Equipment

All water filtration equipment should be sanitized on a regular basis to ensure water quality and service levels. When proper care of equipment is not taken, bacteria begins to grow (and multiply!) any place the water sits — this includes  inside surfaces of tanks and hoses. Keep in mind that bacteria grows even in chlorinated […]