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Hurricane Safety Tips to Avoid Water Contamination After a Hurricane

Hurricane Safety Tips: A drinking water guide of safety tips for hurricanes of how to avoid drinking contaminated water. Hurricanes have devastating effects on every aspect of the lives of the people in their wake. Unfortunately, drinking water contamination is one of the most significant dangers in the aftermath of a hurricane. That’s why we’ve […]

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Lead in Pittsburgh Water is a “Public Health Crisis” | Lead Affecting 1 in 4 Pittsburgh Homes | Dangers of Lead in Drinking Water

Lead in Pittsburgh Water Dangers of Lead in Drinking Water Protecting Against Lead in Water Water Filtration Systems and Water Filters to Lead in Drinking Water Lead in Pittsburgh Water: 1 in 4 Homes Affected The safety of drinking tap water is an issue that all of us can’t ignore. With the growing worries regarding contaminants like chlorine […]

Zero waste reverse osmosis alternative - Zero Waste Membrane Water Purifier PS-PURUF
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Zero Waste Membrane Water Purifier

Introducing the Premiere Sales Zero Waste Membrane Water Purifier (PS-PURUF) Premiere Sales is happy to announce the launch of a new product, the PS-PURUF Zero Waste Membrane Water Purifier! Zero Waste Membrane Water Purifier Key Features & Benefits: Zero waste water Finally the perfect product for CA water use restrictions No storage tank required means […]