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Is LA tap water safe? : Drinking Water Quality in Los Angeles + California Water Quality

If you are a resident of Los Angeles (or the rest of Southern California), you might have a burning question on the mind: Is LA tap water safe? Some people will tell you it meets EPA standards and is rarely contaminated by a dangerous material. In compliance with the National Resources Defense Council, LA has a significant way to go to completely protect its drinking water supply. Many individuals assert that tap water in LA along with other major cities is safe. Several experts say federal laws that regulate tap water really are out of date (i.e., the Safe Drinking Water Act controls only 91 contaminants).

… So is LA tap water safe to drink?

Ninety-one contaminants might appear to be a lot, but it’s truly just scratching the surface. There are more than 60,000 chemicals used in the US. A lot of them might make their way into LA drinking water entirely unregulated. They may not be on a unacceptable contaminant lists as there aren’t any standards set for them.  Previous tests show elevated rates of trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids which are byproducts of the chlorine disinfection of regular water (read about chlorine in water). These byproducts have the capacity to drastically affect an individual’s health.

Radon, arsenic, chemical oh my!…

Studies have linked such contaminants to the higher threat of miscarriage and birth defects as well as increased rates of cancer. Radon is another risk found in some LA tap water. There have been times when LA well water testing has shown radon levels that surpass the EPA’s requirements. That is a major concern for all those that drink regular water which comes from affected wells. Radon exposure may increase an individual’s risk of developing cancer. Many individuals are unaware that the glass of LA tap water can even contain arsenic. This poisonous material is a known carcinogen that’s found in many varieties of herbicides and pesticides. It’s a Class 1 carcinogen that’s in the same class as such carcinogens as asbestos and the hepatitis C virus. It’s been associated with lots of varieties of cancer as well as blindness and paralysis.

Safe water requirements limit the quantity of arsenic that’s acceptable in water, but are these levels really safe? It is essential for consumers to realize that legal drinking water is not necessarily the same thing as healthful drinking water.

So what can you do unsafe tap water? Simple: a water purification system!

At Premiere Sales, we carry under sink filtration systems such as the Zero waste membrane water purification system (PS-PURUF) which has ZERO WASTE WATER- which is ideal for California’s water regulations due to drought. It reduces chlorine, dissolved solids, bacteria, cysts, viruses, silt, colloids, silica, clay, iron, sand, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), chlorine, chloramines, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, lead, trihalomethanes (THMs), methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE), and more. There are also whole house water filtration systems available.

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