An under sink water filtration system provides clean, refreshing, healthy water at the convenience of a kitchen faucet. They are installed under a sink (as the name would suggest) and connected to a drinking water faucet. Under sink water filtration systems remove toxins and contaminants including chlorine, bacteria, organic contaminants, sediment, and more.

Our under sink water filtration systems include:

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO): 4 and 5 stage systems (RO-6740, RO-6750), and water on water technology alternative to reverse osmosis (PS-WOWRO) which uses 500% less water waste and takes up about a third less space compared to conventional reverse osmosis systems. Read more about reverse osmosis systems here.
  • Zero waste water purification: More efficient than outdated reverse osmosis (RO) & UV systems producing zero waste water. Membrane filtration preserves valuable minerals.

Each under sink water filtration system includes high quality water filter cartridges and/or membranes that provide enhanced performance and extended life compared to other water products on the market.