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PS217 – Aqua Pure AP217 Replacement Cartridge for Cuno AP200 Water Filter


Aqua Pure AP217 Replacement Cartridge for Cuno AP200 / AquaPure AP200. Reduces sediment, chlorine taste and odor. 2,500 gallon capacity.


Aqua Pure AP217 Replacement Cartridge for Cuno AP200 Water Filter / AquaPure AP200

This replacement water filter cartridge fits just like an Aqua Pure AP217 replacement cartridge. It is a replacement cartridge for the Cuno AP200 water filter (under-sink) system. It provides great tasting water with enhanced features over the Aquapure AP217 filter original. Available in 4 pack, 6 pack, and 36 pack (case) for as low as $20 each. This product will provide you with cleaner, clearer, better tasting water!

PS217 Key Features:

  • 5 micron coconut shell carbon block cartridge
  • Better tasting water than granular activated carbon (GAC) filter cartridges
  • Efficiently removes sand, dirt, rust, chlorine, taste and odors, sediment, rust, and particulates from drinking water
  • Tested to NSF® standard 42
  • 2,500 gallon capacity – that’s 25% more than the Aquapure AP217 filter which has a 2,000 gallon capacity
  • Purified water for drinking, cooking, and all other food applications
  • Point of use filter that is ideal for under the sink water filtration system in bathrooms or the kitchen
  • Dual-action filter cartridge provides comprehensive protection against sediments found in hard water. This helps protects appliances and plumbing connections against scaling. Also the best way to protect your pipes from bursting or leaking.

PS217 Specifications:

  • Filter capacity: 2,500 gallons
  • Flow Rate: 2 gallons per minute

The PS217 is a compatible replacement for the Aqua Pure AP217 Replacement Cartridge (Cuno AP200 Water Filter System) and the following:

3M Cuno: Cuno AP200 water filter system (part #5528901 and 3M ID: 70020007418), Cuno CFS217

3M Water Filtration: CFS217-H, 55934-05, and 3M ID 70020014273

Ace Hardware: 4206553

American Plumber: DW200R

Aqua Pure: Aquapure AP200, Aquapure AP217 filter, 46290-02, and 45290-05

Nu-Calgon: 4704-24, 4714-24

Purwater: PW-200

WW Grainger: 2P076







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4 Pack ($24 ea), 6 Pack ($22 ea), Case of 36 ($20 ea)