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Everpure H 300 / Everpure H 104 Replacement Cartridge


Replacement Water Filter Cartridge for Everpure H300 and H104. Enhanced 2,500 gallon capacity

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Fully Compatible Everpure H 300 / Everpure H 104 Replacement Cartridge – Performs better than Everpure water filters!

The EC-710 is fully compatible replacement cartridge for the Everpure H 300 or Everpure H 104 water filtration system. This powerful water filter has 2,5000 gallon capacity which is up to 8x the gallon capacity compared to Everpure water filter cartridges (Everpure H 300 / Everpure H 104 replacement cartridge). Our EC-710 reduces chlorine taste & odor, lead, cloudiness, and mold & algae while retaining vital minerals found naturally in water. It is easily installed and provides crisp, clean drinking water.

EC-710 Water Filter Cartridge Features and Benefits:

  • Enhanced performance compared to the Everpure® original– our high performance filter cartridge has a 2,500 gallon capacity compared to Everpure’s 300-1,000 gallon capacity (Everpure H 300, Everpure H 104 replacement cartridge)
  • Enjoy better tasting water with this high quality 0.5 micron coconut shell carbon block filter cartridge
  • Reduces offensive tastes and odors including common mouldy, earthy, or fishy ones.
  • Quick, easy, sanitary installation
  • No activation required
  • Delivers commercial grade filtration; the EC-710 is more convenient and costs less to operate than bottled water.

Upgrade to stainless steel canister option here (compatible Everpure H-104, Everpure H-300 filter cartridge)- only $95.00!

The EC-710 water filter cartridge reduces:

• Chlorine
• Chloramine
• Cysts (including cryptosporidium and giardia)
• Lead
• Mold and algae
• MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether)
• Oxidized iron, manganese, and sulfides
• Offensive taste and odor
• Sediment, dirt, and cloudiness
• THMs (trihalomethanes)
• VOCs (volatile organic chemicals)

Upgrade to stainless steel canister option here (Everpure H-104 and Everpure H-300 filter cartridge)- only $95.00!

Compatible replacement for Everpure H 300 (EV9270-76, EV9270-72) and Everpure H 104 (EV9262-71, EV9612-11)

Replacement for Premiere Sales EC-700

Everpure is a registered trademark of Pentair Residential Filtration, LLC


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