Everpure H-300 Filter Cartridge, H-104 Compatible Replacement Everpure Water Filter Cartridge


Replacement Water Filter Cartridge for Everpure H300 and H104. Enhanced 2,500 gallon capacity

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Compatible Everpure H-104, Everpure H-300 Filter Cartridge – Performs better than Everpure!

This Everpure compatible water filter has up to 8x the gallon capacity compared to Everpure water filter cartridges (Everpure H-300 filter cartridge, Everpure H-104). It is easily installed and improves taste and odor of water. Fits just like the Everpure original and performs better too!

EC-710 Water Filter Cartridge Features and Benefits:

• Enhanced performance compared to the Everpure® original– our high performance filter cartridge has a 2,500 gallon capacity compared to Everpure’s 300-1,000 gallon capacity (Everpure H300, Everpure H104).
• Enjoy better tasting water with this high quality submicron coconut shell carbon block filter cartridge.
Reduces offensive tastes and odors including common mouldy, earthy, or fishy ones.
Quick, easy, sanitary installation.
No activation required.
• Delivers commercial grade filtration; the EC-710 is more convenient and costs less to operate than bottled water.

Upgrade to stainless steel canister option here (compatible Everpure H-104, Everpure H-300 filter cartridge)- only $95.00!

The EC-710 water filter cartridge reduces:

• Chlorine
• Chloramine
• Cysts (including cryptosporidium and giardia)
• Lead
• Mold and algae
• MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether)
• Oxidized iron, manganese, and sulfides
• Offensive taste and odor
• Sediment, dirt, and cloudiness
• THMs (trihalomethanes)
• VOCs (volatile organic chemicals)

Upgrade to stainless steel canister option here (Everpure H-104 and Everpure H-300 filter cartridge)- only $95.00!

Compatible replacement for Everpure H300 (EV9270-76, EV9270-72) and Everpure H104 (EV9262-71, EV9612-11)

Replacement for Premiere Sales EC-700

Everpure is a registered trademark of Pentair Residential Filtration, LLC


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