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PS-1000 – Ultrafiltration Membrane Filter – Whole House / Well Water Filter System


  • 0.02 micron ultrafiltration purifies and disinfects water
  • Innovative technology lets you flush (clean) the membrane whenever it gets full of contaminants
  • Membrane life of up to 5 years
  • Continuous, high flow rate of 8 GPM
  • No storage tank or electricity required
  • Zero waste water during the purification process
  • Free shipping within contiguous USA
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2 stage version of this system

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Ultrafiltration Membrane Filter System – Outstanding whole house and well water filter system with superior bacteria removal and long-lasting membrane you can flush (clean).

The Premiere PS-1000 uses powerful membrane water purification technology to deliver ultrafiltration (UF). It is an excellent well water filter system because it has outstanding contaminant and bacteria removal rates (over 99.99%). There is zero waste water, and it does not require a storage tank or electricity to operate. The Premiere PS-1000  features innovative technology which lets you flush (clean) the membrane whenever it gets full of contaminants. Don’t keep buying expensive replacement filters or membranes you can’t flush. The long-lasting membrane means you are spending less time and money changing water filters. This ultrafiltration membrane filter system is also great for other applications including whole house, food service, commercial, and much more.

Premiere PS-1000 Ultrafiltration Membrane Filter (Well Water Filter System) Features and Benefits

Extremely long membrane life (up to 5 years!) – it’s easy to flush (clean) the membrane

  • Breakthrough system lets you easily flush (clean) the membrane of collected contaminants
  • Don’t keep buying expensive replacement filters or membranes you can’t flush – the Premiere PS-1000 is truly revolutionary in this sense!
  • Membrane should be back-flushed on a regular basis to ensure longest membrane life (3-5 years)
  • To flush the membrane, simply turn the valve and leave open for up to 15 seconds to fully flush the membrane. (A small amount of water will go to drain while the valve is open)
  • Save time and money by replacing filters significantly less often without any drop in water quality
  • The membrane-housing is efficiently designed to provide easy backflushing. (When a membrane undergoes a backward flush, it’s pores are flushed inside out to clean it of contaminants)

Safe, healthy water delivered to all the taps in your home 24-hours a day

  • Membrane filter delivers 0.02 sub micron filtration – removes contaminants as small as 0.02 micron absolute including dissolved solids, bacteria, cysts, viruses, silt, colloids, silica, clay, iron, and sand
  • Removes bacteria (over 99.9999%), viruses (over 99.99%), and giardia & cryptosporidium (over 99.95%) from your drinking water
  • More than 5-log reduction of bacteria, cysts, viruses, and turbidity. (In other words, bacteria, cysts, viruses, and turbidity have been reduced 100,000-fold)
  • Also eliminates colloidal materials, sand, silt, silica, sediment, and other relatively high molecular weight organic material

Constant product quality regardless the quality of the incoming water

  • Continuous, high flow 8 gallon per minute flow rate
  • If there is an influx of contaminants in the incoming water, the PS-1000 will still deliver a consistent, high quality of water no matter how bad the incoming water is

Environmentally friendly technology

  • No chemicals used
  • Zero waste water during the ultrafiltration process
  • Breakthrough well water filter system easily takes the place of outdated reverse osmosis (RO) and ultra-violet (UV) systems
  • No storage tank or electricity required to operate this system

This system is for a variety of water filtration applications

  • In addition to being a well water filter system, the Premiere PS-1000 can be used in a variety of applications including:
    • Whole house
    • Food service beverages & ice
    • Convenience store beverages & ice
    • Beverage process filtration
    • Schools
    • Hospitals
    • Hotels
    • Beer brewing
    • and much more

What is ultrafiltration?

Ultrafiltration is a type of membrane filtration which purifies and disinfects water. A membrane barrier acts like a filter using slight pressure to separate particles like bacteria, viruses, germs, pollen, algae, and organic molecules from the water. Ultrafiltration is ideal for well water.

Benefits of ultrafiltration:

  • No chemicals required
  • Environmentally friendly technology
  • Constant product quality no matter the feed quality
  • Exceeds regulatory standards of water quality- has over 99.9% bacteria and pathogen removal
  • A membrane filter lasts much longer than a conventional filter (years versus months)

Does your water have chemicals or lots of particulates?

If your incoming water has a very high level of particulates (sand, sediment, silt, silica, iron, sulphur, or other minerals or metals), you should consider pre-filtering your water. Our PS-2000S ($1,195) is a two stage ultrafiltration system with the PS-1000 membrane and a sediment pre-filter too. A sediment water filter removes suspended particles in your water that can clog up the ultrafiltration membrane and shorten the life-span of the purifier.

If your incoming water has chemicals (benzene, chlorine, chloramine, trihalomethanes, volatile organic chemicals, methane tertiary butyl ether, pesticides, radon), you should consider a carbon post-filter. Our PS-2000C ($1,220) is a two-stage ultrafiltration system with the PS-1000 membrane and a carbon post-filter too. The coconut shell carbon filters adsorbs harmful contaminants and improve the appearance and taste of drinking water.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your water.

View or Download the PS-1000 Spec Sheet

Download PS-1000 Spec Sheet

PS-1000 Installation Instructions

How does the PS-1000 Ultrafiltration Membrane compare to other water filtration systems?

 PS-1000 Ultrafiltration Membrane Filter SystemReverse Osmosis SystemsOzone Water FiltersUV Water Filters
Easy, turn-to-flush (clean) membrane?Yes - Save time and money by not having to keep buying expensive replacement filters or membranes you can’t flushNo - When filters plug there will be a drop in water pressure. Having to buy new filters will occur more often if you have lots of contaminants in your waterNoNo
Removes bacteria, pathogens, and other contaminantsYes - Up to 99.9999% of bacteriaYesNo - It kills bacteria and pathogens but doesn't remove them from the waterNo - It kills bacteria and pathogens but doesn't remove them from the water
Environmentally friendlyYes - Doesn't require electricity, and has no waste waterNo - It wastes 3-25 gallons of water to produce 1 gallon of RO waterNo - Uses lots of energyNo - Uses lots of energy

PS-1000 Ultrafiltration Membrane Filter (Well Water Filter System) Specifications

  • Size: 27″ H X 7.75″ D
  • Flow rate: 8 gallons per minute (GPM)
  • Operating pressure: Min 30 psi  / Max 85 psi
  • Operating temperature: Min 40°F (4.4°C) / Max 100°F (37.8°C)
  • pH parameters: Min 6 / Max 10
  • Plumbing connection size: 1″
  • Includes mounting bracket, screws, and filter wrench
  • Free shipping within contiguous USA*

Replacement membrane for the PS-1000 is the PS-1000RC