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Giardia lamblia, giardia water filter

Giardia Lamblia Water Treatment

Drinking well water doesn’t have to be hazardous to your health. Like the water which comes from public treatment plants, private well water may contain specific water borne organisms, like Giardia Lamblia / Giardia Cysts, that have to be removed before you ingest the water as to avoid sicknesses. A giardia water filter is recommended.

What is Giardia (Giardia Lamblia, Giardia Cysts)?

Giardia is a microscopic parasite. This parasite can live within humans and animals. Humans that consume this parasite might come down with Giardiasis- a diarrhea illness which can be very serious for kids, elderly, and those with lowered immune systems especially. Other symptoms include vomiting, fatigue, and cramps. The Giardia parasitism is shielded by an outer shell that makes it very sturdy and able to live outside the environment for weeks or months.

Why worry about Giardia?

It can be spread through human and animal waste. It’s rather unpleasant, but millions of Giardia organisms are discharged with each bowel movement from contaminated animals and humans. The means these parasites may get to well water through sewage overflows or leaky septic tanks. Significant rains or snow melts on places where livestock defecate may cause water run off to the well. Storm drains the overflow with dirty water are yet another possible supply of Giardia.

Should I test my water for Giardia?

Those who consume well water should take proper precautions to have their water analyzed for giardia. While testing is never a bad idea for all private wells, it should be noted that well water that’s clean and fresh today might not be clean and fresh following a storm, snow melt, or other form of event that may bring the parasites into your well water. The best option is to use a giardia water filter inside the home. You may never actually know if or when Giardia may get in your water supply, so the very best way to defend your family is to prevent giardia lamblia from ever exiting the faucet by choosing a giardia water filter.

Bear in mind when shopping for a water filter, not all water filters are made to remove Giardia Lamblia. You must be cautious to get the right kind of filter. Ensure your water filter: 1) has a submicron rating and 2) is tested to NSF standard 53. You can also use a high quality reverse osmosis system (ro) which will remove Giardia organisms along with numerous other water contaminants.

Giardia Water Filter will remove giardia cysts from drinking water

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