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Water Softener Alternatives: High quality, affordable whole house water systems that stop scale and corrosion, and reduce the inconveniences of hard water – all without salt!

Hard water is groundwater that has a high mineral content (typically magnesium and calcium). You might experience the tell-tale signs of hard water including spots on glasses or silverware coming out of the dishwater, less water pressure (mineral deposits clogging pipes), or feeling a film on your hands after washing them.

For decades, water softeners have been desirable because they eliminate such issues and provide soft water to the entire house. However, most residential models use about 10 pounds of salt per week which is inconvenient, costly, and harmful to the environment. In fact, salt-based water softeners have been banned in communities across California, Texas, Arizona, Connecticut, Michigan, and more.

The whole house water systems below contain scale inhibitor product and will reduce the inconveniences of hard water. They are a great alternative to water softeners because they are deliver highly filtered water for your home without mineral build-up in your pipes, plumbing connections, and water-using appliances.