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PS4520GAC – 4.5″ x 20″ 5 Micron High Flow Carbon Block Water Filter


AP817-2 Upgraded Carbon High Flow Water Filter Cartridge. Removes sediment, chlorine, and offensive taste & odors. Tested to NSF® standards 42 and 61.

5 Micron Coconut Shell Carbon Block Filter Cartridge with 80,000 Gallon Capacity that Performs Better than the 3M Aqua Pure AP817-2 Whole House Water Filter Replacement Cartridge

The PS4520GAC is a high performance 100% coconut shell carbon block filter providing a flow rate of 20 gallons per minute and 80,000 gallon capacity. It will fit standard large diameter 20″ filter housings with a 4.5″ diameter Coconut shell carbon block technology is an eco-friendly and renewable resource for water purification. A carbon block filter provides better contaminant removal than a granular activated carbon filter (GAC filter). The PS4520GAC fits just like the Aqua Pure AP817-2 whole house water filter replacement cartridge (and other models) and performs better too. This whole house water filter removes sediment, sand, rust, chlorine, and offensive taste and odors in your water. Proudly made in USA.

PS4520GAC Features and Benefits:

  • Removes sediment, chlorine, and offensive tastes and odors
  • 5 micron rating
  • Amazing flow rate of 20 gallons per minute, with very little pressure drop
  • High capacity of 80,000 gallons means you don’t have to change the filter as often compared to the Aqua Pure AP817-2.
  • The unique radial flow design offers the benefits of low pressure drop while at the same time significantly reducing the release of carbon fines
  • Tested to NSF® standards 42 and NSF 61
  • Size: 4.5″ D X 20″ L

Premiere Sales also carries this cartridge with corrosion and scale inhibitor product (BG-20CS) to protect from hard water lime scale build-up.

Will fit Premiere® BG-20 series housings as well as:
3M® Aqua-Pure® Models: 55857-04, 55857-19, 56027-07, AP802 series, AP815-2, and AP817-2.

American Plumber® Models: 152015, 152017, 155247-51, W2010-PR, W2015-PR, and WRC25HD20.

Ametek Big Blue® Models: 150233, 150234, 150235, 150236, 150467, and 166201.

KX®: CTO, & 32-425-125-20.

Pentek®: 155247-43, 155249-43, 155382-43, 155583-43, 155783-43, 255678-43, CFB-Plus 20 BB, EP20-BB, EPM20-BB, GAC20-BB, NCP-20BB, and RFC20-BB