Industrial Deionized Water System with High Output Deionized Water Filter Cartridges

Deionized water (also called demineralized water) is produced by removing the dissolved salt in water. Calcium bicarbonate, magnesium sulfate, and sodium chloride are the primary salts present in water and are removed by deionization. During the deionization process, water is passed through an ion exchange material to remove all salt. Through this technology heavy metals are removed from the water as all. Deionized water is as pure, if not more pure than distilled water. No chemical or hazardous waste is produced with a deionized water system.

Deionized water system for spot-free water

Whether you’re looking for a deionized water car wash system or a replacement filter for industrial deionized water systems, Premiere Sales has you covered. We offer high output, industrial deionized water systems providing mineral-free, deionized water. Enjoy spot-free water on autos, boats, RVs, and more. Give us a call on (800) 817-6306 to discuss the best deionized water system for your situation.